prof omera khan | contributor

Omera Khan has gained international recognition for her research and thought leadership in Supply Chain Risk Management. A passionate educator and highly acclaimed speaker, Omera is regularly invited as a keynote speaker at global conferences and corporate events. Inspiring and visionary, Omera is skilled at presenting complex subjects in a simple and thought provoking manner. She provides training and workshops at all levels of the organization and specializes in Strategic Supply Chain Management, Resilience and Risk Management, Emerging Trends and Technologies, Disruptive Innovation and Business Transformation to name a few. 

In addition to leading a number of on-going research projects commissioned by government agencies, research councils and companies, Omera is an advisor to Universities developing courses in logistics, supply chain and operations management. She is currently a Professor of Supply Chain Management and Director of the MSc in International Supply Chain Management at Royal Holloway University of London (UK) and a Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Agder in Norway and regularly holds Visiting Professorship appointments at Universities around the world.

emmanuel cambresy | contributor

As the natural first step towards human creativity, collaboration is a powerful amplifier for people engagement and business transformation. Emmanuel's mission is to help buying & selling organizations architect outstanding partnerships, explore uncharted opportunities and deliver enterprise-wide outcomes.

For the past 2 decades, he has held a wide range of strategic sourcing positions across many industries (consumer products, healthcare and life sciences, automotive, telecommunications and management consulting). His purpose is to rethink business cooperation through value creation, inclusive governance, breakthrough innovation, cross-functional partnering and fruitful business relationships.

tim jenkins | contributor

Tim is a sales and procurement expert, with 10+ years’ experience leading teams in multinational organisations across a range of industry sectors.


His clear vision, innovative thinking and resourcefulness have been instrumental in driving increased revenues, robust processes and improved people retention for a host of blue chip clients.


WheelSpinner is the result of Tim’s strong commitment to making integrity a cornerstone of effective negotiation, while also giving individuals the tools to make a real impact within their organisation and career.


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